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索取号 正题名 责任者
564/B4 Songs from "the occasions Robert Beaser
719/B40-2 Double chorus Robert Beaser
719/B40-3 Manhattan Roll Robert Beaser
719/B41-3 Parerga Hans-Jurgen Von Bose
941/G7.2 Second book of practical studies for flute Guenther,Ralph
942/B23-2 Variations for flute & piano Robert Beaser
C93/A1 Festival & special event management Johnny Allen...[et al.]
I106.3/C1 The African American theatrical body Soyica Diggs Colbert
J60/A4 Dadakuada Taiye Adeola
J60/B10 Popular music Tara Brabazon
J60/B9 The provocation of the senses in contemporary theatre Stephen Di Benedetto
J60/G5 The Oxford handbook of neo-Riemannian music theories edited by Edward Gollin and Alexander Re
J60/K8-5 Introduction to a philosophy of music Peter Kivy
J60/K8-6 The corded shell Peter Kivy
J60/K8-7 Authenticities Kivy,Peter
J60/L6 The Complete musician Steven G.Laitz
J60/L7 Music as an element in establishing a destination's identity Morakeng Edward Kenneth Lebaka
J60/R5 Junior Broadway by Beverly B. Ross and Jean P. Durgin
J60/R6 Language and music as cognitive systems ed.by Patrick Rebuschat...[et al.]
J60/R7 An eye for music John Richardson
J60/T7 Performance affects James Thompson
J60-05/K2 Music, language, and cognition Peter Kivy
J60-051/K2 Unfinished Music Kramer.R
J60-054/O1 Musical creativity Oscar Odena
J607.337/M1 Burma's Pop music industry Heather MacLachlan
J607.445/Y1 Music and dance traditions of Ghana Paschal Yao Younge
J607.562/R1 Music,Emotion and identity in Ulster Marching Bands Gordon Ramsey
J607.712/M3 Whiting up Marvin McAllister
J607.712/W2 From Jim Crow to Jay-Z Miles White
J607.77/E1 walking and singing and following the song Werner Ewald
J608.9/B1 Sonic liturgy Guy L.Beck
J609.1/R1 The flower of paradise David J. Rothenberg
J609.109/L1 Sources and the circulation of renaissance music [edited by] Mary S. Lewis
J609.3/L1 Non-Western popular music [edited by] Tony Langlois
J609.332/W1 Sacred Music as public image for Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III Andrew H.Weaver
J609.5/C10 Performing pain Maria Cizmic
J609.5/S14 Institutions and patronage in Renaissance Music ed.by Thomas Schmidt-Beste
J609.516/F2 Germany in the loud twentieth century edited by Florence Feiereisen and Alexan
J609.712.7/M2 Musical Echoes Carol Ann Muller, Sathima Bea Benjamin
J609.712/H Music of the 1990s Thomas Harrison
J609.712/H4 Transposing Broadway Stuart J.Hecht
J609.73/J1 Behind Spanish American footlights Jones,Willis Knapp
J609.91/D2 The folk music revival,1958-1970 David Dicaire
J609.91/D3 Crossing paths John Daverio
J609.91/G4 A knight at the opera Leah Garrett
J609.91/K6 The possessor and the possessed Peter Kivy
J609.91/M4 Vanishing sensibilities Kristina Muxfeldt
J609.91-61/K1 The encyclopedia of country music Paul Kingsbury
J609.92/A8 Friendly remainders Murray Dineen
J609.92/B3-27.1 The creative development of Johann Sebastian Bach Richard D.P.Jones
J609.92/B3-28 The Reception of Bach's organ works from Mendelssohn to Brahms Russell Stinson
J609.92/B3-29 Hearing Bach’s Passions Daniel R. Melamed
J609.92/B4-22 Lateness and Brahms Margaret Notley
J609.92/B43 Monarch of the flute Nancy Toff
J609.92/B44 David Baker Monika Herzig ; with contributions by Na
J609.92/B45 Carla Bley Amy C. Beal
J609.92/B7-44 Beethoven's Diabelli variations William Kinderman
J609.92/B7-45 Beethoven in America Michael Broyles
J609.92/C10-3 Music for the common man Elizabeth B. Crist
J609.92/G10-2 Enrique Granados Walter Aaron Clark
J609.92/H18 The seventh sense Peter Kivy
J609.92/H19 Preachin' the blues Daniel Beaumont
J609.92/I2 The John Ireland companion ed.by Lewis Foreman
J609.92/K14 Bismillah Khan Juhi Sinha
J609.92/L1-13 Liszt as transcriber Jonathan Kregor
J609.92/L1-14 Liszt's transcultural modernism and the hungarian-Gypsy tradition Shay Loya
J609.92/L14 Josephine Lang Harald Krebs, Sharon Krebs
J609.92/L5-2 John Lennon Jacqueline Edmondson
J609.92/M10-28 Mahler's Fourth symphony James L.Zychowicz
J609.92/M30-2 Giacomo Meyerbeer by Jennifer Jackson
J609.92/M32 Starring Madame Modjeska Beth Holmgren
J609.92/M33 Lata:voice of the golden era Mandar V.Bichu
J609.92/M34 Charles Munch D.Kern Holoman
J609.92/P25 The Argumentative theatre of Joe Penhall Boles,William C
J609.92/S12-12 Jean sibelius Tomi Makela
J609.92/S3-12 Fantasy pieces Harald Krebs
J609.92/S34 Roger Sessions:how a "difficult" composer got that way Frederik Prausnitz
J609.92/W18 Samuel Sebastian Wesley Peter Horton
J609/N1 Heartbeat of the university John Norberg
J614.92/L2 The phantom of the opera Leroux,Gaston;translated with an introdu
J614.927/W3 Recognition in Mozart's Operas Waldoff, Jessica
J617.6/B4 Victory through harmony Christina L. Baade
J617.6/K3 Music in the western ed.by Kathryn Kalinak
J619.5/T1 Musical theatre,realism and entertainment Millie Taylor
J619/D1 Audio engineering 101 Timothy A.Dittmar
J619/P5 The oxford handbook of sound studies ed.by Trevor Pinch, Karin Bijsterveld
J619/T2 Place, writing, and voice in oral history edited by Shelley Trower
J619/W3 Using technology to unlock musical creativity Scott Watson
J621.1-7/G1 The recorder:a research and information guide Richard Griscom, David Lasocki
J621.29/V1 That Moaning saxophone Bruce Vermazen
J622.1/K1 Violin technique exercises and scales Rami Kanaan
J622.1/W1 Augusta read Thomas and her second violin concerto "Carillon Sky Mei-Fang Wang
J70/B1 Dance studies Jo Butterworth
J705/B1 Dancefilm Erin Brannigan
J80/F1 To have or have not ed.by James Fisher
J80/G1 Text & presentation,2010 ed.by Kiki Gounaridou
J80/K1 The spectator and the spectacle Dennis Kennedy
J809.41/A1 The theatres of Morocco,Algeria and Tunisia Khalid Amine, Marvin Carlson
J809.545/A1 Archaic and classical choral song edited by Lucia Athanassaki and Ewen Bow
J809.561/B1 Playing to the crowd Frederick Burwick
J809.561/B2 Theatre, community, and civic engagement in Jacobean London Mark Bayer
J809.561/C1 Twentieth-Century British theatre Claire Cochrane
J809.562/G1 Theatre in Dublin,1745-1820 Greene,John C
J809.562/G1 Theatre in Dublin,1745-1820 Greene,John C
J809.712/D1 Baggy pants comedy Andrew Davis
J809.712/M1 Living with lynching Koritha Mitchell
J809.9/F1 Radical Shakespeare Chris Fitter
J809.9/H1 Self and space in the Theater of Susan Glaspell Noelia Hernando-Real
J809/D1 The oxford handbook of Early modern theatre ed.by Richard Dutton
J809/R1 Trusting performance Naomi Rokotnitz
J812/K1 An actor’s craft David Krasner
J993.51/R1 Travels of Bollywood cinema ed.by Anjali Gera Roy, Chua Beng Huat


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